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Full Size Medals

Whether recognition of distinctive service, long service, or valour, our full size medals are sought-after objet d’ârts.

Distinguished and delicate design. Crafted using expert-level production methods derived from decades of combined experience. SGS medals immediately stand above the crowd. Precision detail, multiple plating and production methods, custom engraving and enamelled options make SGS medals stand out and get noticed.

Defence, Police Services, Fire Departments, Emergency Paramedical Services – SGS knows our clients and set the bar for medals, awards, and recognition of the individual and team.

Experience has taught us that presentation is a key element to awarding a medal. Recipients deserve the very best when it comes to being recognized through a medal. SGS is pleased to have several offerings for a complete presentation package. This will benefit you, as the organizer, to avoid unnecessary legwork. You can be assured; the medals are ready to go on award day. This packaging might include miniatures/mini medal, long service bars, ribbon bar devices, additional ribbon for medal mounting and perhaps a custom printed insertion card. We have thought through the fine details.

SGS produces an extensive array of awards such as speciality Chief’s Awards as well as neck medals.

Full size medals are worn for outdoor ceremonies such as Remembrance parades or inspections. Only full-size medals are worn on the outside overcoats.

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