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Where Tradition Meets Quality​

Our Products

We take great pride in the pieces that we craft. We understand the responsibility that comes with upholding the tradition that they represent. That’s why we put the same pride into crafting them that you do wearing them. We start with a custom design, then select only the highest quality materials. Our SGS production team has the expertise to create uniform accoutrements, medals, badges, crests, baldrics, patches, and more that you will be proud to wear. Contact us today to get started on your next project.

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Our patches, crests, banners, and custom embroidery combine distinctive design with high-quality materials and craftsmanship that are worthy of you, the uniform and the traditions for which you stand.

  • Dress Uniform Patches
  • Service Uniform Patches
  • Hand/Wire Embroidered
  • Machine Embroidered
  • Pipe Band Accoutrements
  • Baldrics
  • Banners
  • Custom
  • Tapestry
  • Ready Made
  • Unit Insignia
  • PVC Patch
  • Rank Slides
Uniform Embroidery Rank Slides
Pride. Craftsmanship. Tradition.

Why Choose SGS

Upholding Tradition

SGS is a Canadian-owned company with close ties to the Military, Police, Cadet, pipeband, honour guard/ceremonial unit. Our team is made of Veterans. This means we understand the important details and nuance required for each project.

Multi-faceted Product Range

 From Accoutrements, medals, lapel pins, challenge coins to plaques, embroidered crests, and wallet badges SGS can develop a wide spectrum of materials. We are Canadian leaders in embroidered and metal goods.

Quality by Design

Our veteran-led design and management team
upholds the highest standards. We treat every project as if it is our own

Do you have an idea of your own you want to explore? Are you looking for a specific item? Reach out and we would be pleased to set up a call!