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Make your mark as a drum major with SGS Marketing/baldric embroidery. With a long history that dates back to the 17th century, baldrics are important symbols of a drum major’s appointment within a regiment/service. And now you can bring tradition and distinction to your uniform with SGS’s high-quality hand and machine-assisted embroidery services.

Each baldric is meticulously crafted, designed to embody the history and legacy of each regiment or service organization. SGS works closely with you to create a visual work of art – emblazoned with battle honours associated with military units or insignia honouring fallen members for emergency services – embodying history in every stitch. With years of experience producing baldrics, our team has the expertise needed to recognize and highlight the unique elements of each design and outfit.

Allow us to help bring your unique vision for your uniform to life. Choose SGS Marketing/baldric embroidery for an outstanding and professional result that honours both your drum major and long-standing traditions.

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