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Challenge Coins

Challenge coins and commemorative medallions convey pride, tradition and honour history and traditions. When you hold the coin of your unit, you’re holding its traditions and history. When you hand your coin to someone, whether in another unit or another service, you are sharing that tradition—and your pride in it—with them.

If giving as a means of employee recognition, award for service or volunteerism, SGS pieces are always well received as executive level pieces worthy of award.

SGS Challenge Coins are not just for police, military, cadet, and emergency services. We’ve made coins for EVERYONE – all levels of government, competitions, personal achievements, non-profits, oil companies, tire companies…you name it!

That’s why challenge coins should look and feel as distinctive as your unit, organization or team. This is as true for military coins as it is for an award coin or a coin commemorating an anniversary, competition or any other event. When we design and craft a coin for you, you can be confident that it will represent you, your unit, your company, or your charitable organization alone. This is as true for military award coins as it is for a commemorative coin, competition, or other special occasion. They also understand the intricacies of designing coins with the finest details possible and how to bring those coins to life with the highest quality materials, finishes and colours. To ensure your coins are true to your vision, we specialize in the production of die struck cartridge brass—the same as mints use to strike coins for currency—to produce the most intricate of details and give your coins a difference you can feel as soon as you pick one up. We can also give your coins hand-cut and other distinctive edges, as well as free laser engraving.

GS Marketing has been trusted for decades of experience producing these coins. Our finished products are made with expertise and precision. We are renowned for our product, our customer experience, our outstanding artwork and our happy clientele.

Pride. Craftmanship. Tradition. These are why we are trusted to design and produce coins, accoutrements and more for the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) and why we are licensed producers of RCMP products. We take the responsibility of being trusted with your coins, whether military, police, EMS, honour guard or pipe band, as seriously as you do.

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