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Challenge coins

Challenge Coins that Stand Out Above the Rest!

While the vast majority of our competitors use zinc alloy castings, we specialize in the production of die struck cartridge brass.  This is the same process used by mints who produce numismatic coins (currency). The net result is a far superior product with incredible detail and a substantially higher unit weight.

SGS offers specialty edges that are hand-cut and distinctive. If you're going to get a custom coin, get one that speaks quality when you hold it in your hand.  Our coins get noticed!

Coin & Medallion Sizes

There are two universally accepted sizes of challenge coins - 38mm for a pocket coin or 45mm for a presentation coin.  About 98% of our business is 45mm presentation coins.  We also offer a selection of display products (velvet presentation & floating frames) that fit the 45mm format.  Please note that when we run your order, we also run (at our cost) a set of 15 coins for sample and archival purposes.  The archival coins are all numbered 000 - we also buy 5 blank coins on the off chance that you may need a replacement coin at some point in the future.

Patina (Coin Finish)

Using brass as the base metal, we are able to finish the coin in a number of complimentary patinas - with up to 2 finishes on the same coin. Nickel, silver, chrome, copper and 24k gold electroplate. 

Complimentary Laser Engraved Numbering

This is an option that we provide at no charge!  Most of our DND and RCMP clients have their custom coins sequentially numbered for accounting and tracking purposes while others engrave Reg.'s.  If you take a coin to a local engraver, the set-up and run cost is usually between $12 - 15 per coin!

Unique Coin = Unique Cost

We can produce a basic 'no frills' coin for about 9.97 (38 mm based on 100 pieces).  Our 45 mm start @ 10.97 per piece. Economies of scale can dramatically reduce the per unit cost on a large order.  Our foundry offers a number of fabulous options to enhance the coin - hand-cut edges, stunning finishes, enamel, printed insets and more - your coin should be a real show-stopper that stands out above the rest!

Metal Die Life - Orders & Re-Orders

Minimum initial order (set by the foundry) is 100 pieces.  Re-orders can be in quantities as low as 50, but be prepared as the per unit price will be increases as the run set-up costs must be spread over a lesser number of pieces.  Dies are made of steel and subject to corrosion after about 3 years if not used and re-greased. Customers are notified prior to the anniversary date.  Dies can be reconditioned for a nominal fee to extend their life.

Our foundry ensures that any product that is not perfect, is burned and bashed.

Production Process


Send us a rough design or collection of ideas and our art department will render it  into a format that enables you to see exactly how your coin will look. This process is done at no charge.


Once the design is rendered to your complete satisfaction, we will submit the art to our foundry for final quotation.  This is sent to you in the form of a written estimate - valid for 30 days.

Changes to Design

Once you sign off on the dies and the PPS is produced, the metal die cannot be altered without producing a new die, however, we can still change the patina (metal finish), enamel colours, etc. 

PPS - Pre-Production Sampling

As soon as we receive your confirmation to proceed, we will issue an invoice for the metal die fee - payment initiates your samples.  It then takes about 35 working days to create the dies and produce a set of pre-production samples.


With your final instruction to proceed with full order, delivery is about 40 working days.  Please note that this can be affected by factors beyond our control, but we do our very best to deliver on time. Payment is due upon receipt and acceptance of the order.


Time expended in the design of your coin is an investment on our part.  In light of this, we retain a copyright on the proposed art.  It is both unlawful and unethical to relay this art to a competitive company for the benefit of quotation.